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Swivel Clip

Securely fasten your ID badge or plastic name tags to your personal clothing or uniform with our convenient Swivel Clip! Make sure that valuable name tag is secure with our Mylar Swivel Clip!

  • Includes adhesive strip to attach to name tag or badge
  • High-quality material
  • Does not puncture clothing


Swivel Clip

This Mylar Swivel Clip is a fantastic way to ensure your plastic name tags or ID badges are securely fastened to your uniform or everyday clothes. Equipped with a stable spring and an adhesive plastic base that rests upon the name tag, this Swivel Clip is one of our most popular accessories. Our Swivel Clip will not puncture or damage clothing like traditional pin backings and is reusable. Don't trust the security of magnetic name tags? The Swivel Clip is perfect for you! Our clips attach quickly and with ease. Order one or a ton today!

Swivel Clip
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