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Desk & Pocket Embossers & Seals

Make crisp and professional impressions with a custom embosser! Choose from address seals, corporate seals, and notary and professional seals, or design your own! Your order ships next business day!

Embossers and Seals Customized at HC Brands

HC Brands has made quality custom embossers and seals since the 1950s. You can rely on us for fast customization on certified embossers and seals. Notary publics rely on our up-to-date notary embossers to stay professional and official when marking documents. We also keep current on professional trade embossers for architects and engineers; shop our embossers by state. When it comes to your business, we have you covered with logo embossers that help seal correspondence in a classy and professional manner. Also see our address embossers that will finish your business envelopes or create letterhead that is memorable and official. HC Brands is formerly Holmes Stamp, and we have specialized in making custom rubber stamps and signs since 1954, but you can also trust us for personalized products like name tags and custom employee awards.

FAQs About Embossers:

What is the difference between an embosser and a seal?

The embosser is the device that leaves the impression of the seal. An embosser leaves a 3-dimensional design on paper. The seal itself is the unique design that will be left on the paper. There are many types of seals, from state professional seals to custom library seals. When it comes to notary stamps and seals, the terms are often used interchangeably. 

What paper thickness can I use an embosser on?

Generally embossers are made to be used with standard 20lb paper.

What is the difference between a seal and a stamp?

A seal is often the official mark for a corporation, organization, profession, institution, city or state. Many organizations have an official seal that is used to emboss books, papers, envelopes and more. A stamp refers to a rubber stamp that leaves an inked impression of words or a design. Notaries public, for instance, can order a self-inking stamp of their official notary seal. They can also order a seal embosser. Each state may have different requirements for official seals for each discipline or profession however. Seals can be stamped or embossed.