Frequently Asked Questions

Placing and Shipping Your Order

We do not offer same day shipping, however, most orders ship next business day. Delivery date will depend on method of shipping chosen at checkout.
Expedited processing moves your order to the front of our production line! Your order will be processed and shipped before other orders in queue. Pair with an expedited shipping option to receive your order as fast as possible.
Once your package is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that contains your tracking number.
Proof requests should be made in the comments box above the order button on the final checkout page. We will not begin your order until we receive your approval. This may delay production time.
Please contact our Customer Focus Team as soon as possible to correct an error so that we can make the appropriate changes. Please note that most orders begin production immediately and are shipped next business day. Contact us with your order number and a brief description of the correction needed.
Simply create your first item and add it to your cart. From the cart, select ‘Order another with this design’ that will take you back to your original product. Navigate to the new product you would like to order and select ‘yes’ when asked if you would like to use your last design. Add the new item to your cart!
Write your signature on white paper using a felt tip pen (ball point or gel pens not recommended). Easily upload your signature online, we will resize your signature to fit the stamp you order.
Yes! Simply choose your product specifications and then easily upload your names list from the ordering screen.
Please contact our Customer Focus Team for assistance canceling an order that has already been placed.
For orders that are placed by tax exempt organizations, please contact our Customer Focus Team to assign tax exempt status to your account.
Please contact our accounting department for a billing agreement application. Once approved, your online account will include a separate billing option.

About Our Products

All products are personalized at one of our US fulfillment centers. Some materials may originate from locations outside the US.
Engraved products are made by etching directly into the material, creating an engraved monochrome image. Full color products are UV printed directly onto the material surface, creating a smooth, vibrantly colored image.
Pre-inked stamps are filled with oil-based ink and leave 50,000+ crisp, clear impressions before needing additional ink. Self-inking stamps include a built-in, water-soluble ink pad that leaves 7,000+ clear impressions before needing additional ink. Pre-inked and self-inking stamps are not recommended for glossy and other non-porous surfaces.
A traditional wood handle hand stamp and specially formulated super marking ink are recommended for glossy and other non-porous surfaces.
A stamp leaves a flat, inked imprint on a variety of papers and other non-porous surfaces. An embosser creates a raised imprint on lightweight paper (20 lb paper recommended) that can be inked for photocopying and scanning with a seal impression inker.
Please refer to individual products for available font styles.
Prop 65 warnings are required on all products that ship to California that were made with specific chemicals to inform residents about potential exposure to substances that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit Proposition 65 Your Right to Know!
Dater stamps offer two-color combinations. All other stamps are available in a wide variety of single color options.

Company Stores

A Company Store is a custom page on our website set up for your company’s exclusive use. All previous orders and other necessary information are saved in your Company Store to make ordering and reordering easy and fast!

Simply apply for a Company Store to begin the review process. Once approved, simply log into your account with your assigned email to access your account.

Returns and Exchnges

We do not accept returns. If we have made an error fulfilling your order, we will happily make the necessary corrections and expedite your original order. If you are unhappy with any part of your completed order, please contact us for additional return or exchange options.