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Why Shop American? Why Shop HC Brands?

Like many of our customers, HC Brands is one of the millions of small independent businesses that form the "backbone of America". We pride ourselves on employing hard working Americans from across the diverse communities we serve. Our team works hard to provide high quality, personalized products that help connect and foster communication between people and businesses throughout America.

support What is Essential

By supporting HC Brands and our sister stores, you also support what is most important to America. As an essential business, we stayed open during the COVID-19 pandemic and continued to make the signs, name badges, stamps and photo ID badges that America's hospitals, government and key industries needed to keep running, so that they could keep America running.


With HC Brands there is no need to worry about overseas shipping delays, as they are customized right here in the USA. To make sure we can manufacture and ship your personalized products to you as quickly as possible we have built manufacturing sites in 3 great American cities and plan to expand to more cities in the future.

Support American Jobs

We currently employ 100+ employees across the United States, but as our company grows, we will continue to create even more jobs. By purchasing with us you know you are supporting American jobs and American industry.

American Products, American Quality

We continue to invest heavily in making sure we are using the latest and safest manufacturing processes that align with stringent US health laws. Make sure you are purchasing products and quality that you can trust.

The People Behind Your Custom Product

Group of HC Brands Employees

We are proud to support American workers and craftsmanship. When you order a personalized product from us, you're getting more than just a great product, you're getting the results of all the hard work that our US-based team put in everyday to making our company great! All of our products are individually personalized to your specification at our state-of-the-art facilities. Every part of your product design, customization, assembly, boxing and hand testing takes place in-house. To this day, we strive hard to retain the family values that HC Brands was founded on more than 65 years ago.

HC Brands Logo

HC Brands is a trusted leader in the manufacturing of custom products like stamps, signs and name tags, as well as personalized gifts!

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