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VOID Stock Stamp

This Blue Xstamper stamp provides an impression size of something like 1/2" x 1-5/8" and says "VOID".

SKU: 1008378
Design SKU: X1117
VOID Stock Stamp

Our Blue Pre-Inked Stamp displays the words "VOID" and displays an impression size of 1/2" x 1-5/8". The laser engraved rubber created in our production factories assures this stamp enduring for several years of usage use. Renders approximately 100,000 ink impressions before re-inking becomes may be recommended. Please recall to apply Xstamper Blue Refill Ink only. See our product options below to include a bottle of ink with your order. Instructions to Re-Inking your stamp: lift off the top and put 3 to four drops of ink on the opening of the stamp. Suggestions: Opting to re-inking your stamp overnight may allow the ink to fully absorb into the stamp pad.

VOID Stock Stamp
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