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Self-Inking Nurses Signature Stamp

Rather than signing documents and medical records over and over, get yourself a signature stamp! HC Brands' personalized signature stamps are perfect for imprinting your signature quickly and efficiently! Our stamps release a crisp, clear imprint every time and last for thousands of impressions before needing additional ink.


Self-Inking Nurses Signature Stamp

Handcrafted of the highest quality workmanship, our stamps include the following custom options:

  • Custom signature (please sign on white paper with felt tip pen only*)
  • Sign name in any size (minimum of 1" in length), we will resize to fit stamp
  • Name printed in Arial font below custom signature
  • Your choice of several eco-friendly, water soluble ink colors
  • Stamp measures approximately ½ x 1 ½ inches

*Ball point or gel pens not recommended.

When ordering multiple signature stamps, please include all signatures together on one sheet of paper.

Self-Inking Nurses Signature Stamp
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