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Keep your business up to code and away from overcrowding with maximum capacity signs. Choose from options like engraved plastic, acrylic, bilingual and write on maximum capacity signs to stay safe at the appropriate occupancy!

Maximum Capacity Signs

The 2006 International Building Code states that occupancy signs be posted in locations of "assembly occupancies." The strict definition of "assembly occupancies" varies state to state and region to region, so ensure you follow your local laws and regulations before purchasing your sign.

Ensuring your building follows all occupancy and capacity regulations is imperative for the safety of employees, customers, and guests. Your building's maximum capacity is the number of people safely allowed on your premises before bottle-necking can occur at exits in the case of an emergency. Staying within your occupancy limit helps keep everyone safer, and informing everyone with a maximum capacity sign from HC Brands is a great way for keeping them aware. Stay up-to-code and keep employees and guests safe with capacity signs and other Safety Signs from HC Brands.