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Mulhany Rectangular Return Address Embosser

With its easy-to-read text and bold lines, the Mulhany Address Embosser is sure to become your new favorite for casual and sophisticated mail alike.

  • Personalized text; customize with your name and address
  • Not recommended for heavy cardstock embossing
  • Made in the USA
  • Recommended paper weight for embossing: 20lb
  • Consistently clean and crisp impressions


Design SKU: LMC_226-EMB
Mulhany Rectangular Return Address Embosser

Timeless and elegant, the Mulhany Address Embosser is an undeniable choice for giving all of your postage that little extra something! Measuring approximately 1" x 2", your embosser is guaranteed to leave a beautiful and crisp impression. It also makes an excellent gift! However you choose to use it, you can buy with confidence; most orders ship the following business day!

Technical Details

Brand: Simply Stamps
Manufacturer: Trodat
Item Weight: 10.1 oz
Body Color: Black
Material Type: Plastic, Rubber, Aluminum
Manufacturer Part Number: 1013435
Model: M1RP
Size: 1" x 2"
Shape: Rectangle
Country of Assembly: USA
Country of Origin: USA
Item Condition: New

Frequently Asked Questions

What shape is the embossers's impression?

What size is the impression?
One inch tall by two inches wide (1" x 2")

What fonts are used in the impression?
The last name displays in All Caps and uses American Typewriter font. The address displays in Small Caps and uses MrsEavesSmallCaps font.

Can I have lowercase letters in my embosser?
Not with this design. However, we offer a similarly-styled rectangular embosser that allows you to use upper and lower case letters.

How big is the impression?
The embosser leaves a 1 inch by 2 inch impression.

What is the difference between the pocket embosser and the desk embosser?
Both the pocket and the desk embosser leave the same 1" x 2" impression on paper. However, the desk embosser is heavier than the pocket embosser and comes with a stand for use on a desk. It offers greater leverage and is ideal for more regular, repeat use than the pocket embosser. The pocket embosser, on the other hand, is smaller, lighter and more portable than the desk embosser and is designed to let you make an impression just by squeezing the embosser in your hand.

Why would I want to add foil seal stickers?
Our foil seal stickers, which come in gold and silver, are great for making your embossed impression stand out even more on books, papers and other materials where you want to showcase your style and flair.

Mulhany Rectangular Return Address Embosser
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