Meet the Corporate Account Team

Libby O’Regan, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Focused on strengthening relationships and ensuring mutual success with our Corporate Partners, Libby leads the Business Division at HC Brands. Working internally to ensure product assortment, easy online ordering, fair pricing, extremely fast delivery, quality and service, Libby aims to deliver our Corporate Partners with the best possible experience, start to finish. Libby is a graduate of University of Michigan with dual degrees in Printmaking, Fine Arts and Communication Studies. She was previously the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a nationally recognized manufacturer and consumer brand. She has held positions in marketing for the last 17 years, with a particular focus on retail goods.

Matt Williams, Senior Account Manager

Our longest tenured and arguably the most product-knowledgeable HSC employee, Matt Williams is going on his 43rd year at HC Brands. His role is to provide superior customer service and additional support to core business accounts. With his easy-going, friendly and accommodating attitude, Matt has developed a reputation for exceeding our Corporate Customers expectations for ordering personalized products at HC Brands. He enjoys living in beautiful Northeast Florida which provides yearlong opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing and beach days with his wife and 2 almost grown sons.

Nichole Smith, Account Manager

Since 2016, Nichole Smith has excelled in providing outstanding customer service. Joining the Business Division, Nichole’s primary responsibility to is to strengthen relationships with small to medium sized businesses who could benefit with additional customer support. Behind the scenes, Nichole plays an instrumental part in keeping the department organized and efficient.