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Lone Boy Shadow Stamp

Stamp books and tag toys with this vintage looking Lone Boy Shadow Stamp with Property of and your child's name at the bottom. Perfect when you have play dates and are taking a book to share.

  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Non-toxic water based ink
  • Crafted in the United States
  • Customizable stamp type, size and color
  • SKU: 1009782
    Design SKU: kid_stamp_127
Lone Boy Shadow Stamp

The Lone Boy Shadow Stamp is a stamp that boasts the silhouette of a young boy on a stamp, and is the perfect gift idea for your child, no matter if the occasion is Christmas, Easter, or his birthday! Your kid will be delighted to see a stamp with not only a name of it but a figure that may resemble him, depending on how he looks. The Lone Boy Shadow Stamp, at a glance, is perfectly square, showcases a simple font that's designed to be easy to read, and has an efficiently-designed silhouette of a young boy sitting squarely in the middle. Not only is this stamp a stylish gift to give to your child, but if you're a teacher, it's a super neat gadget to have available in your classroom, and is the perfect way to show your young learner(s) that you are appreciative of the work they do! The Lone Boy Shadow Stamp is customizable in a variety of different ways such as the type of stamp, the ink color, and size per order. If you're looking for a stamp with an awesome design and an appeal to children, look no further than the Lone Boy Shadow Stamp!

Lone Boy Shadow Stamp