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Holmes Cares - Charity Page

The Holmes Cares Charity Page

For 65 years, Holmes Custom has played a part in our local, Jacksonville community. Giving back and a staying involved is important to us and important to our employees. We’re all in and all about making a difference. We are #HolmesCares. Be sure to follow along on social media to see all that we are up to in our Charity Committee and our efforts to help the community.

Here are some of the many charities that we support on a regular basis.

Group at Start and Finish Line of MacKenzie's Run

McKenzie's Run

The McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation was established in memory of young McKenzie, who passed away in 2010. The support of the foundation creates Academic Resource centers to help young people recognize full potential. The Resource Centers provide free after school mentoring and tutoring programs in local communities, supporting over 300 young students. The Foundation has expanded to reach more globally with centers in Uganda. Providing medical care, food and education to over 75 Ugandan children, the Foundation is seeking additional support to go above and beyond. Holmes Custom is a proud sponsor and participates in the annual runs, as well as donating promotional materials to spread the word and help the cause.


Haiti 180 is a non-profit organization that aims to enrich the lives of the elderly and orphaned Haitian people. Each year, our CEO, Bryan Croft, and 2-3 employees from the Company go to Haiti on a mission trip; we bring food, clothing, diapers, formula, and other essentials to the people that need it most. We spend the time helping build roads, clearing devastation and repairing and building homes. The mission trip does a lot of good in just a week's time. Read more on our 2018 Haiti180 trip here

Bryan Croft with Children on a Haiti180 Trip

HC Brands Team Autism Walk

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is an autism advocacy organization in the United States that sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities aimed at families, governments, and the public. Read about HC Brands' participation in the 2017 Autism Walk here.

One Blood / Blood Drive

Throughout the year, we make time to distract from our usual work and give back to those in need. When you give to someone else, not only are you impacting another's life - but you're also impacting your own. Helping someone else ignites a joy within us that's undeniable. Read more on HC Brands' 2016 blood drive.

HC Brands' Team and Big Red Bus

HC Brands Staff and Salvation Army Volunteers Loading a Truck with Gifts

Salvation Army Angel Tree

In 2019, HC Brands participated in the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program. The program aims to bring gifts and food to impoverished families across the United States. HC Brands sponsored an Angel Tree and our employees donated children's gifts and clothing to help families around Jacksonville have a merry holiday season.

Best Buddies

In 2019, HC Brands helped fundraise for the Best Buddies program in Jacksonville. We held a fundraising lunch at our Jax facility and raised over $500 in donations. And, we participated in the 2019 Best Buddies Friendship Walk where individual staff donations pushed our total to $795. Read more about HC Brands' Best Buddies 2019 event here.

Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization established to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They host a number of charity and fundraising events across the United States each year.

HC Brands Team at Best Buddies 2019 Event

HC Brands Team at Catty Shack

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

HC Brands helped maintain the grounds at the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary during a volunteer event.

Catty Shack is an organization dedicated to the rescuing and care of endangered big cats. The nonprofit organization rescues animals from "serious situations" being neglectful or abusive homes. They care for and provide a forever home for these big cats (and honorary cats).

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Florida seeks to help the development of young people in Jacksonville and the rest of NE Florida. Through a variety of programs, Boys & Girls Club encourage young people to grow and develop into capable adults.

HC Brands Team at Boys and Girls Club Event

Celestial Farms

Celestial Farms is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing farm animals and educating visitors about them. The organization aims not only to help the animals, but to help visitors better themselves through education and interaction with the fauna.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets

HC Brands staff volunteered their time in February 2019 to help FCNMHP. We helped keep up with laundry, aided in preparing for an adoption event, and general yardwork at one of the local locations. Read more on HC Brands' 2019 volunteer day at FCNMHP.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets works to reduce the number of stray animals through community spay and neuter programs. And, the organization offers affordable veterinary services and adoption services to connect people with pets.

HC Brands and First Coast No More Homeless Pets Teams

HC Brands Team Helping at Her Song Jax

Her Song

HC Brands helped Her Song in readying their new office space. Our volunteers helped with light construction and painting their new location.

Her Song is an organization dedicated to the ending of human trafficking. Through outreach and care, Her Song aims to help survivors of human trafficking heal and take back their lives.

EPIC Outreach

EPIC Outreach is an organization dedicated to creating a kinder world for people, animals, and the planet. They teach kindness through humane education outreach by visiting classrooms, after school programs, Girl Scout Troops, summer camps, and more. EPIC Outreach believes in inspiring compassion and building the human animal bond through direct encounters.

HC Brands took a trip to the EPIC Outreach Farm and assisted in painting the chicken coop, landscaping the gardens, feeding the animals, writing thank you letters to donors, and more!

HC Brands and First Coast No More Homeless Pets Teams

We are helpful. We believe in doing what's right. We volunteer our strengths to better others. We are all in. We will help make a difference in our community and through various charities, by donating our time and resources. We don't shy away from hard work. We are respectful.