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ADA Sign Square

ADA Sign Square

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This Square ADA Sign includes the following necessary guidelines: Text must not be more than 2" tall and must be at least 5/8" tall Text should be in ALL CAPS (unless explaining directions) and should be in block type font (Helvetica, Arial, etc.) Braille must be centered directly under the text, but must have at least 5/8" space on both sides This ADA compliant sign follows all proper guidelines and is necessary for your business. Order your sign today!

SKU: 1007201

ADA Sign Square

Ensure and maintain compliance with the ADA Square Sign. Featuring proper text, font, and properly centered Braille lettering, this sign follows all ADA guidelines.

  • Choose from multiple mounting options
  • Multiple color combinations are available
  • Sign adheres to ADA guidelines
ADA Sign Square


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Customer Reviews:
ADA Sign Square
Great ADA sign

The product was very customizable and had guidance to meet ADA criteria. The shipping was very quick for a customized product. Quality was good for the price.

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ADA Sign Square
   1   Review(s)