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At HC Brands, we strive to be an environment where our employees can grow and thrive, while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With wellness programs, leadership development courses, team-building events, and employee recognition programs, we know investing in our people is the key to our success. At HC Brands, you'll enjoy a fast-paced work environment with opportunities for advancement and the chance to make a difference in a quickly-growing business.  



Jacksonville, FL is the home of the HC Brands headquarters. This was the only HC Brands location for the first 60 years the company was in business. Over the past 10 years, our team has quadrupled in size. There are now roughly 80 team members in Jacksonville with a variety of different talents. Our Accounting, Marketing, People Operations and Tech teams are all located in our Florida office, along with the majority of our Operations and Customer Service teams. We have team members who have been with us for 40+ years and we're grateful we've all been able to grow alongside one another. We now have three locations and team members from all over the globe, but we'll always be proud to call Jacksonville home.   

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When the opportunity knocked to expand West, we knew it was a great decision for our small business. In late 2017, we made the decision to purchase Capitol Rubber Stamp, a small custom rubber stamp business that had been operating since 1963. Long-time Holmie Mike Price relocated from Jacksonville to Austin to be our newest location's Operations Manager and we were thrilled to offer him the opportunity. Our Austin team is our smallest team of roughly five members, but they produce an impressive amount of products on a daily basis and are as essential part of our team. They all focus primarily on Operations, producing personalized products and shipping them directly to our customers. 

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In early 2017, we acquired the e-commerce company the Corporate Connection based in Salem, MA. This was a huge deal for our 60+ year-old small business as it was the first time we would maintain an acquisition as another location of operations. Aimee Noel moved to Salem, MA. from Jacksonville, FL. to run Salem operations and now the team is made up of roughly 10 people. While their team is still much smaller than our Jacksonville location, they are also an essential part of the HC Brands team. Our Salem team focuses primarily on production and shipping, customer service, and marketing.  

Open positions at our Salem, MA. Office: