HC Brands Expands Product Capabilities and Leadership Team with StickyLife.com Acquisition

[Jacksonville, FL, June 12th, 2023] – HC Brands (https://www.hcbrands.com/), a leading provider of customizable products, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of StickyLife.com (https://www.stickylife.com/), a niche personalized products company specializing in customized stickers and magnets.

StickyLife.com has carved out a niche for itself as a premier provider of personalized stickers and magnets, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With this acquisition, HC Brands gains access to StickyLife.com’s expertise, enabling the expansion of our product assortment, further enriching our customer experience, and allowing us to create more customer connections through personalized products.

Moreover, HC Brands is excited to welcome Natalee Fisher, co-founder, and CEO of StickyLife.com, as part of our leadership team. Natalee brings a wealth of experience and expertise in marketing, print production, customization, and product innovation. Her vision and strategic acumen will play a pivotal role in driving growth and exploring new market opportunities.

In the upcoming weeks, HC Brands will work closely with Natalee and the StickyLife.com team to ensure a seamless integration of operations. By leveraging the collective resources, knowledge, and skills of both organizations, HC Brands aims to deliver exceptional value to customers.

“We are thrilled to join forces with StickyLife.com and welcome Natalee Fisher to the HC Brands family,” said Bryan Croft, CEO of HC Brands. “This acquisition not only expands our product capabilities but also reinforces our commitment to providing personalized and high-quality products that exceed customer expectations. We are excited about the potential synergies that will emerge from this partnership.”

For further information and inquiries, please contact:

David Markle
Chief Marketing Officer

2021 St. Augustine Road E.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

About HC Brands:

HC Brands is a leading provider of customized products, including custom stamps, custom signs, name tags, and wall decals produced and shipped out of Jacksonville, FL and West Chester, PA.  With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, HC Brands crafts a diverse range of personalized products for events, branding, and décor. Through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, HC Brands continues to expand its product offerings and solidify its position as a leader in the customization market.

About StickyLife.com

StickyLife.com is a niche personalized products company specializing in customized stickers and magnets produced and shipped from Clayton, NC just southeast of Raleigh, NC.


Unique Gifts for Business Owners: Celebrating Success and Supporting Ambitions

Starting and running a business is a challenging and time-consuming task. It requires focus, dedication, and hard work, but also comes with its own set of rewards. If you have a friend or family member who owns their own business, you may be looking for a special way to show your support and appreciation for their efforts. Here are some unique and thoughtful gift ideas for those who run their own business:

Customized Office Décor

custom acrylic desk plate on a wooden desk

Customized office décor can take many forms, from personalized wall art to desk accessories. A customized office décor item can help to brighten up the workspace and add a touch of personal style. By choosing items that reflect the business owner’s style and preferences, you can create a unique and thoughtful gift that they will appreciate for years to come.

Coffee Maker or Espresso Machine

coffee machine next to a custom coffee mug

High-quality coffee makers can transform an ordinary cup of coffee into an exceptional one, and they are a great way to boost morale in the office. Starting the day with a good cup of coffee or espresso can also help set the tone for a productive day. They are an essential gift for business owners who are working long hours and need an easy pick-me-up. To add an extra token of appreciation, you can even design your own custom coffee mug!

Comfortable Office Chair or Ergonomic Accessories

white office chair and a black laptop in an office setting

Comfort is key when it comes to a productive workspace. A comfortable office chair or ergonomic accessories such as a keyboard or mouse pad can help business owners work more efficiently and avoid discomfort or injury. Prioritizing the health of employees is also a great way to improve company culture and ensure that everyone can work to their full potential.

Personalized Planner or Journal

custom leather journal on an office desk

Organizing thoughts and tasks is critical for the success of any business. A personalized planner or journal can help business owners keep track of their schedule and priorities, allowing them to focus on what is most important. Writing down ideas can also ensure that business owners are on the right track toward achieving their goals.

Custom Signage

custom parking sign in a parking lot

Custom signage is a highly effective way for businesses and individuals to communicate their messages and enhance their visibility. Whether it’s for advertising, wayfinding, or simply adding a personalized touch to a space, custom signs can be designed to meet specific needs and preferences. It’s a versatile and cost-effective marketing tool that can make a significant impact on any business’s success.

Portable Device Charger or Power Bank

headphones and charger plugged into a laptop

In today’s fast-paced business world where many individuals are working remotely, having a fully charged mobile device is essential. Portable chargers offer a convenient and reliable way to keep electronic devices charged and ready for use. They can help business owners stay connected and productive, even when on-the-go.

Custom Rubber Stamp or Embosser

embosser body on a wooden desk

Custom rubber stamps and embossers are versatile and practical gifts for any business owner. Whether used for signatures, company logos, or special messages, they can save time and improve the professional look of any business document. Personalize the rubber stamp with the recipient’s name or company logo to make it a unique and special gift.

Business Books and Podcasts Subscription

stack of books

Continuously learning and expanding knowledge is important for any business owner. A subscription to business books or podcasts can provide valuable insights and inspiration, helping business owners stay ahead of the curve. These informational tools are also useful for getting new ideas and thinking about your business differently.

As a business owner I always find myself lending out my books, so a From the Library of Stamp or a Library Book Embosser are both excellent gifts as well!

Custom Koozie® Can Coolers

custom can cooler with company logo

Custom drinkware can be a great tool for promoting your business. By having your own business logo or tagline printed on the items, you can raise brand awareness and create a more professional image for your company. Custom Koozie® Can Coolers also makes for a great giveaway item or promotional product, helping to spread brand recognition through everyday use.

Bottom Line

Running a business requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and financial investment, and having the support of friends can make a big difference. By giving the business owners in your life a thoughtful gift, you are showing that you appreciate their hard work, and that you believe in their success. Additionally, your gift can help boost their morale and provide them with the motivation they need to continue pushing through tough times.

Browse our corporate gift guide for ideas and inspiration on how to make each interaction count. Our gift guide includes a variety of personalized products that are appropriate for all different occasions and budgets. Shop today and start showing appreciation for entrepreneurs!

Reaching Out to Volunteer With Epic Outreach

At HC Brands, we value our community and take every chance we get to give back to all the wonderful people who support us. This March, our office got the chance to volunteer at a beautiful farm right here in Jacksonville, One EPIC Farm.

We had an enthusiastic team step out of the office to help out around the farm. Every employee at HC Brands holds our core values to heart: Passion, Winning, Curiosity, Collaboration, Accountability, and Grit. Their hard work at the farm showed just how important these values are to everyone at our company.

HC Brands Employees Posing In Front Of One EPIC Farm Barn

The HC Brands employees were tasked with multiple ways to help out this lovely farm, getting to work right alongside the many animals that are roaming about. Altogether, our team helped give a fresh paint job to the barn, reroof the chicken coop, clear out weeds, and donate to and feed many of the farm animals!

People Painting A Barn Red

Our team got to work right away. The pig barn was in need of a paint touch-up. So, our team got to work giving the barn a fresh coat of red paint. With lots of helping hands and our surprisingly skilled painters, the barn was finished in no time and looked picturesque in the middle of the farm.

An honest demonstration of grit was shown by our employees who volunteered to remove weeds and branches that were blocking some paths behind a fence. As the employees got to work getting rid of the weeds, the pigs also had the chance to enjoy a nice meal of said weeds. A true win-win situation!

Another couple of passionate employees volunteered to roof the chicken coop. They laid on new panels to help protect the chickens from the Florida rain. Once the roof was finished, the hens, alongside their stoic rooster, were able to strut back into their comfortable coop!

Not only did the employees at HC Brands get an opportunity to volunteer at this beautiful farm, but each team member also had the chance to interact with many of the fun and friendly animals there. Jimmy the pig is certainly an honorary “Holmie”, along with the charming dogs, Tanner and Tater.

A special thanks to our Email Marketing Specialist, Ashley Withers, who put this plan into motion. And of course, a big thank you to EPIC Outreach for allowing us to take this opportunity to give back to our wonderful Jacksonville community. The employees at HC Brands truly enjoyed an enriching day of volunteering!

See how you can help by checking out Epic Outreach and becoming a part of their next event or tour.

Connecting With the Community Through Our Internship Program

The Jacksonville community has supported our business for over 65 years, and now it’s time to return the favor. This summer, we gave local students the chance to work hands-on in their field of study in a professional setting. Because of their hard work and dedication, they were able to learn and grow with the rest of our team. By continuing to mentor talented graduates, we strive to close the bridge between business, education, and community.

Networking With Local Students

HC Brands is always excited to meet and greet potential new “Holmies” at local colleges and universities. Recently, our team created one-of-a-kind merchandise for the University of North Florida to show students what our business is all about. We were able to share some of our brand story and give the students a taste of our company culture.

When we make an impression on Jacksonville students, we encourage them to stay in the North Florida region and positively impact the local economy. We hope to serve as a channel for educational institutions to assure their programs are meeting industry needs.

Creating a Well-Rounded Program

Our goal is to manage a program that is mutually beneficial and enhances the local workforce as a whole. We expose valuable talent to the work of e-commerce businesses so they can carry knowledge forward. By teaching the prospective workforce new skills and techniques, we motivate them to become involved members of the Jacksonville society.

Our internship program allows us to bring in innovative minds from our very own community. While the interns are learning from our leaders, they are also giving us new ideas and fresh perspectives on how to improve our procedures. Because of the connections we make with local students, our business is able to continue evolving and expanding.

Hearing What Our Interns Have To Say

In order to keep our program running for the long term, we encourage previous and current interns to share some feedback. After a summer of onboarding and training with the tech team, Zack provided some insight on what it means to join the HC Brands team.

“From day one I was already contributing to the company and getting involved in a variety of tech projects. I learned something new every time I came into work and my peers were always willing to help me overcome obstacles. I would absolutely recommend this internship to other students that want to gain real world experience in a welcoming environment.”

Zackery Bellerose, Software Engineer Intern at HC Brands

Winter Wishes 2021: One to Remember

The team at HC Brands celebrates any opportunity to give back to the Jacksonville community! For the 2021 holiday season, HC Brands employees supported Englewood high school students in need by partnering with Communities in Schools of Jacksonville.

“The Winter Wishes program gives us the chance to work with underprivileged and at risk teens in the local community,” says Sonia Postema, Chief People Officer.

HC Brands team members excitedly purchased gifts and donated money to brighten the holiday season for 10 teens, and on December 15th, HC Brands joined the Englewood students and instructors on a virtual meeting!

9 of 10 Winter Wishes Recipients

Englewood students, such as 11th graders Jacob McKinnon and April Perez shrilled with glee as they opened their gifts. When teachers announced that lunch would also be served, purchased with funds donated by HC Brands employees, students were extra excited!

Here is the highlight reel from the 2021 Winter Wishes program:

Jacob Shows off One of His Winter Wishes Gifts

April Shows Her Unique Anime Gift

Employees from other HC Brands facilities located in Austin, Texas, Salem, Massachusetts and West Chester, Pennsylvania also donated money to support Winter Wishes!

We collected $650 in addition to a room full of gifts! We used this money to purchase additional individual gifts, stocking stuffers for all the students, and also bought their holiday lunch. I love that we were able to spend time with the older students. I feel like high school is tumultuous and it’s easy to forget how much these students need love and attention, says Sonia Postema.

HC Brands has also worked with Communities in Schools of Jacksonville for school supply donations, and looks forward to a continued partnership! Along with programs like Winter Wishes, HC Brands also supports the Jacksonville Humane Society, Her Song, Rethreaded, and Haiti 180.

A philanthropic pulse is at the heart of our company values, and we strive to make a difference in the Jacksonville community, says CEO Bryan Croft.

Amber Bailey of HC Brands

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Education Opportunities at HC Brands

Meet the HC Brands Team

HC Brands Awards First External Scholarship!

Congratulations to Grant Smith at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln for being the first recipient of the new yearly HC Brands Scholarship!

In 2020, we established the HC Brands Education Committee and Educational Program which consists of four paid internships, and a yearly scholarship. This year, a proud Nebraska Husker, Grant Smith, was selected because of the inspirational scholarship essay he wrote! In his essay, Grant not only explained why the scholarship would help him continue his studies in marketing and business, he also applied his goals to the HC Brands Core Values.

At HC Brands, we live by these values: Passion, Curiosity, Collaboration, Accountability, Grit and Winning. Grant’s essay proved that he also strives to live by these values!

“HC Brands has an impressive willingness to pay their success forward. I feel blessed and honored to be given this opportunity,” says Grant.

Jan. 5 2021: HC Brands Awards First Scholarship

If you are interested in applying for the HC Brands scholarship, or one of our internships, learn more by clicking the following links:

HC Brands Scholarship

HC Brands Internships

Again, congratulations Grant Smith, and thank you to all applicants for your essays! We were privileged to read many great stories and experiences.


Amber Bailey of HC Brands

HC Brands & CIS Jacksonville Grant Winter Wishes to 10 Terry Parker Students

HC Brands Hosts Winter Wishes Virtual Event for 10 Terry Parker Students

HC Brands partners with Communities in Schools of Jacksonville to bring smiles to the faces of ten local high school students.  Through Communities in Schools’ Winter Wishes program, nearly 30 HC Brands employees purchased gifts for the students. The students, Communities in Schools CEO and staff, and HC Brands team joined a virtual meeting where the kids opened their gifts.  “It’s been a pleasure to organize this event and help these students have a special holiday,” says event organizer and HC Brands employee, Amber Bailey.

The staff and students wore masks and joined the virtual meeting from their own computers. The students received a range of gifts, including a new TV, Air Jordan sneakers, virtual music lessons, and necessities like clothing and bed sheets.

“HC Brands, for the more than 65 years of its operations, has had many Terry Parker alumni help us grow our company, including its owners.  It’s great to give back to the local community and help kids in need,” says Bryan Croft, Owner and CEO of HC Brands.

gift with red ribbonThe partnership with Communities in Schools is just one of many relationships that HC brands has with the Jacksonville community. “Giving back is one of our core disciplines, and a philanthropic pulse will always be at the heart of our company,” says Croft.

In September, HC Brands also organized a back to school drive for Communities in Schools of Jacksonville.

About Communities in Schools

communities in schools jacksonville card with ribbon

Since 1990, Communities in Schools of Jacksonville has helped more than 110,000 students. Many of their students face serious challenges, from hunger to homelessness. The Communities in Schools staff works inside and outside the classroom to help these students find new paths to success through case management, literacy tutoring, and afterschool programs.

About HC Brands

hc brands card with ribbon

Since 1954, HC Brands, formerly Holmes Stamp & Sign, has provided essential business products to Jacksonville, FL, but in recent years has grown into a leading ecommerce provider of personalized products ranging from stamps to tumblers. Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, with 10 web stores and additional distribution centers in Austin, TX, and Salem, MA, HC Brands continues to expand. Visit www.hcbrands.com for more information.

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HC Brands Establishes Education Committee

HC Brands Partners with CIS Jacksonville for School Drive

Amber Bailey of HC Brands

Education at HC Brands: Learn & Grow With Us

HC Brands represents six core values: Passion, Grit, Winning, Collaboration, Accountability and Curiosity. Every day, the HC Brands team strives to excel at these values, and now we’re offering students the chance to grow with us! As part of our spirit of philanthropy and giving, we’ve now expanded our business to include an Education Department. Education at HC Brands includes a yearly scholarship awarded to one winning essay writer, and four unique paid internship opportunities!

The HC Brands Scholarship

Each year in January, HC Brands will award a $1,000 scholarship to one communications or marketing student (or similar determined by HC Brands). This scholarship is open to all US Citizens, and will be awarded to the winning essay of 1,000 – 1,200 words. Visit our scholarship page for more information and how to apply.

HC Brands Internships

Individuals looking to gain real, hands-on experience in their field of interest can now do it here at HC Brands! We’re excited to announce that we’ve established four paid internship opportunities! We have welcomed interns in the past, but with an established program, application process, and devoted Education Team, we will be able to offer the best experience possible to those looking for real experience and the chance to contribute to a growing eCommerce business.

Marketing and SEO – The marketing internship, open to one student from June to August each year, will provide real experience in SEO, product copywriting, reporting, PPC, social media, marketplaces like Etsy and Jane, and more. Marketing students will finish the internship program with real experience that will bolster his or her resume, including use of programs like Google Analytics, aHrefs, and Magento. The marketing internship is lead by Senior SEO Manager, Amber Bailey and Vice President of Digital Marketing, Chris Warren. Any passionate writer, data analyst or social media wiz will thrive on this fun and energetic team.

Technology – The Tech team, lead by Chief Technology and Marketing Officer, Jim Gruhn, gives tech students the chance to define and write new business requirements, test new software, and to be a real contributor to the essential technical aspects of an eCommerce company. Technology interns will learn JQuery, HTML, CSS, rich javascript and much more! “We’re looking for builders,” says Jim, “those who are ready to come in and build with us,” he says.

Finance – Students who are passionate about numbers will thrive under Controller Erin Poirer’s leadership. “Our finance interns will gain practical experience in the constantly growing field of finance and eCommerce,” says Erin. Any individual interested in, or pursuing a degree in finance or accounting can apply for this summer internship that will be available from June to August each year. Finance interns will be posting transactions, generating a wide variety of reports, creating and updating budgets, and analyzing financial data.

Manufacturing and Customer Care – Under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer Lee Pinkerton, manufacturing and customer care interns will learn a wide range of skills. From Lean six sigma, operations, purchasing and planning to customer service, interns will learn eCommerce operations from top to bottom, and take away real skills that will help build their careers. Dates are flexible from February to August, and we welcome more than one intern during this time frame. Each internship will last 8-9 weeks, and will expose students to the bustling order fulfillment and customer focus atmosphere of a growing eCommerce company.

About Our Past Interns:

Liam Hoffecker, Operations and Marketing student at Indiana University

Liam, Operations Intern 2018 and 2020

The ideal internship program is designed to help students cultivate real job experience, but HC Brands provides much more than that. “The people are friendly and always willing to help,” says Liam Hoffecker, a second-time intern at HC Brands. Liam is a sophomore at IU, majoring in Operations Management and Marketing, and during his second internship at HC Brands, he completed three major projects that provide real value to the company, including a fulfillment center staffing model and customer service performance report. He also assisted in production, making and shipping product and gaining an understanding of what real eCommerce looks like at all phases.

In the summer of 2018, before his senior year of high school, Liam joined HC Brands as a Marketing intern. He gained experience in Ebay and Amazon marketing, and received training in Search Engine Optimization, photo editing and Magento.

“I felt welcomed at HC Brands, and I got to do meaningful things that left an impact on me,” says Liam.

HC Brands works with students of all ages. From hosting a yearly elementary school field trip, and back-to-school drives, to helping high school and college students build their resumes and gain real work experience, HC Brands is passionate about education.

Matthew Joseph, Business student at Indiana University

Matthew, Marketing Intern Summer 2020

Matthew Joseph joined HC Brands as a marketing intern in June 2020. “I had my own desk, and my own team, and I went to work everyday knowing what I was going to do,” says Matthew.

“During the difficulties of 2020 and the pandemic, HC Brands taught me how important culture is,” he says.

During Matthew’s time as an intern, he attended industry leading online conferences such as SMX and Mozcon, shared his ideas with owner and CEO Bryan Croft, contributed ideas for site usability and more.

Matthew gained hands-on experience with link building and outreach, reporting, competitor analysis, Magento, Google Analytics, and wrote SEO and product copy. Read Matthew’s blogs about how to wear face masks properly, and why name tags are important for cultivating employee creativity.

The Education Team at HC Brands is lead by professionals with decades of experience in their fields.

Meet the HC Brands leadership team here.

Amber Bailey of HC BrandsOther HC Brands contributions and happenings:

Back to School Drive for Communities in Schools of Jacksonville

HC Brands Pushing Tech Growth in Jacksonville

Apply for an internship

Apply for our scholarship

Back to School Drive for Communities in Schools of Jacksonville

Since 1990, Communities in Schools of Jacksonville has helped more than 110,000 students in Duval County stay in school. By providing opportunities, counseling, school supplies and personal care necessities, CIS Jacksonville assists students from elementary school through high school to stay the course and earn their high school diplomas. It has been our pleasure at HC Brands to partner with Communities in Schools of Jacksonville!

HC Brands donates 150 signs to Communities in Schools of Jax
HC Brands donated 150 signs to CIS of Jacksonville!

School supplies


Through a successful school supplies drive, the HC Brands team contributed necessities like pens, pencils, backpacks, binders, paper, personal care items, and more to Communities in Schools! Also, through our employee product donation program, we donated 150 signs to Communities in Schools of Jacksonville, along with 50 reusable face masks and 25 buttons.

HC Brands plans to continue this relationship with Communities in Schools with a holiday gift drive and volunteer time. There are several great ways to give to Communities in Schools of Jacksonville. You can help out by:

Sharing your expertise or experience with their students:
Through opportunities such as their “Pizza with a Professional” program, local professionals can meet local students and share their career experience and advice. CIS Jacksonville provides the pizza!Backpacks and school supplies

Donating money or supplies:
Whether you participate in their holiday gift program or donate money, the students in nearly 40 schools that CIS Jacksonville partners with will benefit from your contributions.

Reading time and other volunteer opportunities:
There are a few great ways you can spend time with CIS students, including reading to them! To learn more about all of their programs and opportunities, contact Ashley Hooper at CIS Jacksonville.

HC Brands donated 50 custom face masks and 25 buttons to Communities in Schools of Jacksonville


We would like to say Thank You to Communities in Schools of Jacksonville for helping Duval County students in need, and to our HC Brands employees who donated supplies and funds!

HC Brands has a passion for people! We care about forming lasting connections with people in our community and with our customers.

Amber Bailey, HC Brands SEO Manager, with Ashley Hooper of CIS Jacksonville

We also have relationships with The Jacksonville Humane Society, Rethreaded, Celestial Farms and more. Through our Holmes Cares program, we are always looking for new ways to contribute time and resources to the Northeast Florida Community and beyond. We also have locations in Austin, Texas and Salem, Massachusetts.

More from HC Brands:

Amber Bailey of HC BrandsFace mask etiquette

Living, learning & working in a social distancing world


How To Properly Wear A Face Mask

Wearing a mask has become a part of what people are calling the “new normal.” Masks aren’t just a means of protection against the novel corona virus, but a symbol of stepping up in hard times to support your coworkers, neighbors, friends and especially those who are most vulnerable. Although many of us are wearing our masks, we may not be wearing them properly. Sometimes our execution is a little off.

Make sure  you are wearing  your mask properly to not only ensure everyone’s safety, but to prevent you from sticking out like a sore thumb.


Buy a Mask that Fits!

Carefully measure your face! When buying online, read the measurements of the mask thoroughly. It’s also good to have your measurements handy for in-store shopping since trying on a mask is a sanitary issue.

Now this is a mask that is tight to the skin!

How to Measure your face for a mask?

  • For Height: You want to use flexible measuring tape or even a piece of string & a rule to measure the length between the bridge of your nose to directly under your chin.
  • For Width: Use the same materials to measure the length from your right cheek bone, going along the bridge of your nose, to your left cheek bone.

Our masks are made with two-ply 100% polyester material. It fits and secures to your face based on your mask size. You can check this first DO off the checklist!

If you measure for approximately 7″ x 4.75″ in you fit into a large

If you are measure for approximately 6.375” x 4.25″ you fit into a small size

Pug with Tongue Face Mask
Model is wearing the Pug Mask by HC Brands

American Flag Face Mask
Model is wearing the American Flag mask by HC Brands

Wear Your Mask Anytime You Go Out in Public

Now that you have a mask that fits, remember that you bought it so that you would actually wear it! Always bring your mask with you, and wear your mask especially indoors.

In indoor spaces (places that are enclosed by walls or windows), wear your mask

In outdoor spaces (places that are fully open to the outside), wear your mask

Whether you are going to your local supermarket  this evening, or you are going to your local park, you never know who you may encounter and what may be in the air, so it is always a good idea to wear a mask everywhere you go. The equation is quite simple: Going anywhere outside of the security of your own home = wear your mask!

This Lowes customer created her own safe zone. (Do what you have to in order to feel safe.)

Put On Your Mask the Right Way

How to put on your mask properly:

  1. Grab the straps of your mask
  2. Pull & latch each strap to the back of each of your ears, one at a time
  3. Adjust with the edges of the mask so it is secured under your chin and sits directly on the bridge of your nose*

Image source: umass.edu

*If you have to adjust your mask after putting it on, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly

Wash or Dispose of Your Mask After Each Use

It is super important that after every use of your mask, that you either dispose of it, or (if you know that it can be used again) that you wash it properly.

Tips for Washing your Mask:

  • Make sure that you mask is actually washable (if you are unsure either contact wherever you bought it or just dispose of it and get a new one)
  • “Warm water and any detergent at home should work great” – Dr Gabriela Andujar Vazquez in her interview with Medical Xpress
  • Don’t forget to wash the filter in your mask as well to prevent build-up of trapped air particles

Make sure to get a face mask that you know you can wash so that you don’t have to continue buying new ones. For example, our masks are 100% washable as you can either throw it in with your laundry or just use soap and warm water.

Shop this Camo Face Mask

Shop this Rainbow Color Face Mask


DO NOT continuously adjust or move your mask

Once your mask is on, try to avoid the urge to adjust or move it unless it is falling off of your face. Make sure that you have a mask that you don’t need to adjust or move in the first place.

DO NOT pull your mask off of your mouth to talk to people

The point of the mask is to protect you from other people and to protect other people from you. When you pull off your mask it completely defeats the exact purpose of why we wear it. Don’t worry, the other person knows how happy you are to see them and you don’t need to pull off your mask to show them your glowing smile.

DO NOT do any of the following:

  • Wear your mask under your chin
  • Wear your mask under your nose
  • Wear your mask above your chin

DO NOT think you are invincible with your mask

A mask is just one precaution of many that you must take.

Never forget to also:

  • Stay 6 feet apart from people
  • Be careful of what you are touching with your hands
  • Wash your hands frequently & have hand sanitizer at your ready

This shopper got creative with social distancing. All he needs is his mask and he will be doing everything right!

DO NOT put a mask on babies or children under 2 years old

DO NOT share your mask with others

Your mask is yours and yours only. It is one thing that you don’t have to share with others and that no one else probably wants to share with you!